Food styling: Ice cream

This is an exercise for a food styling course I’m taking at the fabolous photography school Jackie Rueda Photography.

Photographing ice cream is very challenging, but the most difficult part is not to eat the whole thing… What do you think I did??

I hope you enjoy these shots. If there’s any photographer out there, tell me what do you think about photographing ice cream.


Estas son algunas fotos para el curso de estilismo culinario que estoy tomando en la escuela maravillosa de Jackie Rueda Photography.

Honestamente el helado es uno de los elementos mas dificiles de fotogafiar, además que después no me controlo y me como toda la utilería…

Espero que les gusten y si hay algun fotografo por ahi, ¿ tal te parece trabajar con helado? Déjame tu comentario.

ice cream

ice cream sandwich

ice cream sandwich-5

ice cream sandwich-4

ice cream sandwich-3

ice cream bowl

ice cream bowl-5

ice cream bowl-2



One comment on “Food styling: Ice cream

  1. Hmm..
    Gelato!, Frozen Custard or Sorbet. No matter how you say it, it’s wonderfully delicious! You have captured great images of this sweeten frozen dessert that allures anyone to the taste!


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