Celebrating blogging: Johanes Roselló

My friend, the journalist and blogger Johanes Roselló, had this neat idea to celebrate her 100th  blog post and I loved it! For those of you who are familiar with having a blog or commit to write something consistently, you may know that hitting a milestone like the 100th blog post is a huge accomplishment. So bravo for Johanes and I’m glad I could take these snaps for you. Keep inspiring, my friend.


Mi amiga, la periodista y blogger Johanes Roselló, acaba de escribir su post número 100 para su blog y se le ocurrió celebrarlo con globos de colores. Que linda idea!

Llegar a 100 publicaciones de manera constante no es nada fácil y es algo digno de celebración. Disfruté mucho haciendio esta sesión de fotos mini flash.

Para ir al blog de Johanes has click aquí


balloons 5

balloons 4


One comment on “Celebrating blogging: Johanes Roselló

  1. An achievement is the accomplishment gained by the courage given!
    I’m sure with the heart and soul is how she fulfilled her well deserved 100th blog post!



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