God Bless Technology, the Digital Camera.

To me one of the greatest inventions of all times is the digital camera. When I was introduced to photography in college, way way back, I wasn’t into it. First of all, I couldn’t afford a camera, but I needed one for my photography 101 class, so I had to borrow it, sometimes from a friend, sometimes from my cousin. It was so much trouble, so I guess I passed the class just because I needed to pass. Not to mention it was film photography, so as many of you know, that’s time consuming, difficult, and expensive.

Time passed, and the digital cameras came into the market. Voila! With just an usb I could have all the pictures I wanted on my computer.

Since then, I’ve been taking pictures of everything. I like to look back and see how we change, how things change, and how our feelings change towards things. That’s the magic!

I wouldn’t say I am a professional photographer, because I’m not.
I will say I’m a marketer because I am.
And… Do I love pictures? I sure do!

Now tell me what invention do you love and why?



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