How Do You See The World?

travel 2This past Christmas we made a quick trip to Washington, DC. I had heard so many positive comments about the city, but it wasn’t really on the list of places I wanted to visit. How wrong I was!

DC architecture is just breathtaking and every single place has its own history, that’s the magic. What amazed me the most was being in front of the White House. I was just one of the thousands of tourists taking pictures out there, but the idea of what happens every day inside those walls blows my mind.

To me, traveling is seeing life from different perspectives. You don’t have to go far, cross oceans, pay expensive plane tickets to see the world.

Recently, somebody told me he had to ride the bus home instead of driving, and he couldn’t enjoy it more. He got to see the city from a different side.

My advice to you, is to take the train, ride the bus, take the back routes, play with the world you have around, and if you can, travel, travel, and travel.

Going back to my DC trip,  I took tons of pictures as always, but I wanted to share a few with you. I hope you enjoy them!

-Thanks for reading!


lincoln 2 lincoln 3 lincoln 4 lincoln

washington para el blog 2 washington para el blog washington para mi blog_-3 washington para mi blog_-4 washington para mi blog_-5

monument monuments_ monuments_-2 monuments_-3 monuments_-4


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